Apartments that are budget friendly

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If you are looking for apartments in the far north, look no further. The far north dallas apartments are a new way to livelihood. They offer much different type of rentals in many apartment communities. From a regular 10-unit complex to a luxurious gated community. The Far North, Dallas has lots to offer for all type of people looking for apartments.

Living features:

Apartment style living is more like living a life in luxury. As compared to single storey homes, the big building apartment provide a great view and has lots of features that can take you to another heights. Despite the cost, Far North Dallas apartments provide enhanced security, many utilities, additional services, convenient access to many common room area and close proximity to very urban and chic restaurants and diners.

The only downside is the high cost. That may be nothing compared to safe livelihood for you and your family. The price comes nothing when you gain a lifestyle. The additional services and facilities can make it your home for years to come. It makes a huge difference for you.


There are lots of amenities that you can use during your stay in the far North, Dallas Apartments. There are more than seven grocery stores nearby. There are more than 7 parks, 20 food and drink shops, 7 coffee shops, 20 shopping retail outlets and 20 schools within one mile radius of your apartment buildings. There are also 20 public transit stations, 2 library and book shops, 9 entertainment venue and 10 fitness or gym near to your house location.

Amongst other amenities, there are many tourist hot spots where you and your guests can visit during leisure time. There is the Dallas zoo just miles away from home. Also you can visit the Dallas museum of Art and the Sixth floor museum if you are in to historical sightseeing. You can also see the Dallas world museum or the Dallas Museum of Art in your free time.

Crime rate:

Far North, Dallas apartment is located in one of the safest place in all of Dallas. Far North is safer that 82.8% neighborhood in Dallas. The crime rate in Far North is 4% less than all the cities of Texas. There are many police officers in all of far North. There are almost 3 officers for every community which is much more than city in Dallas or Texas.


There are two airports within the 30 mile radius of Dallas and an Amtrak train status within the city limits. The average time you take to reach your workplace is far less as compared to all the cities in Dallas or Texas. When you stay in Far North Dallas apartments, you can easily commute to work either by your own car or you can easily reach there with your colleagues.

Far North: Affordable apartment living

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Far North, Dallas apartment living comes at affordable pricing and offers many deals for its rentals. When property price is rising each day, Far North is the answer to all your living needs. It comes with a variety of lease options, floor plans and a variety of services. Now affordable apartment living is just easy and convenient.


Located amongst the scenic beauty of nearby parks, Far north Dallas apartment provides its residents with luxury living and well connectivity. Far North is located where Dallas north Toll way meets the George Bush. This way you can get best of both worlds. You can easily access multiple work and shopping locations using the two toll ways.

There are traditional apartments in far north that add style and status to your living. It is a secure and safe place to live for you and your family. They are less than $1 per square feet. Almost all apartments come with carpets, fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer and hardwood in common area. They have huge closet spaces, updated cabinets and appliances and nice interior. They are worth every penny.


The Far North, Dallas apartments is filled with all type of people from different communities and ages. People from all walks of life stay and find there abode in these apartments. People from all income backgrounds and sets of interest have made this place their home. This makes for diverse living conditions where your child can learn and grow.

It is easy to find rentals here that are beautiful and have great scenic beauty. Most apartments have great view and located on landscape that makes coming home from a hectic day of work easy and convenient. Far North is a very hilly area, with plenty of mountains and hilly terrain around. You have many parks and lakes that allow you to enjoy great recreational activities in your leisure time.


The residents of Far North, Dallas Apartments are quite friendly and welcoming. It is filled with good people who are very helpful and make your moving experience easy. You will like the relaxing location and scenic view that these apartments have to offer. There are multiple food joints, shopping and entertainment venues almost on every corner. These are located just miles away from your doorstep.

You can also visit the Dallas zoo that located nearby your homes. There is also Nasher sculpture center and the Dallas Arboretum Botanical gardens that you can take your guests for sightseeing.

With these many facilities, far North, Dallas apartments is an experience waiting to be discovered. It gives stylish living a new name. With the amazing lease options and affordable pricing, apartment living is a risk everyone must consider. There are a number of options to choose from that give apartment living to everyone’s reach. So don’t wait up. Go search for home of your dream now!

Far North Dallas as a residential area

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Far North Dallas is the segment of the city of Dallas, Texas which expends north of the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway. Dallas opens lots of opportunities for people from every walk of life. Whether you need to get a new beginning in your vocation or return to school, there’s a lot of chances to do so while living in far north dallas apartments. The statistics shows very positive view for one’s to live here peacefully.

Demography of Far North Dallas:

  • Population: 314,885
  • Population density: 4,839 people per square mile
  • Males:158,146
  • Females:156,740
  • Percentage of married-couple families (among all households):37.6%
  • Percentage of married-couple families with children (among all households):27.4%

Housing prices of Far North Dallas:

  • Average value of detached houses in 2010 (42.1% of all units):$266,261
  • Average’10 value of housing units in 3-to-4-unit structures (9.5% of all units):$144,541
  • Average ’10 value of housing units in 5-or-more-unit structures (15.6% of all units):$46,529

Education and school:

Education data shows the highest level of education attained by residents in Dallas. Here, 26% of inhabitants 18 and over graduated from high school and 29% completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Education statistics is taken from census, 2014. Dallas has 468 schools. There are given some best schools in Dallas such as- Armstrong Elementary School and Barack Obama Male Leadership Aca at BF Darrell Middle School. Both has a Great Schools rating of 10/10 and a parent rating of 5/5 stars. The normal Great schools rating for Dallas state funded schools is 5/10, with a normal learner/teacher degree of 13:1.

The area is also surrounded by lots of facilities which will bless your life and maintain your lifestyle if you want to settle there for prolonged period of time.


You will find several parks around the area of your apartment in Far North Dallas such as Huffines Park, Harry Moss Park and Vanstone Park. Here, you can enjoy the warm weather and take in a breath of fresh air, go for a walk or play with your dog on a free Sunday afternoon.


If you really love golf, you’ll get several chances to practice your swing at the Fire wheel Golf Park, Luna Vista Golf Course and Water view Golf Course are all within driving distance from your apartment. You can be more comfortable with other residents by joining a local golf club if you want to get involved in your community.


You can travel any area from here anytime. There are various roadways that arrive through the community including Interstate 635, which can make easier your travels to any parts of Dallas and the state of Texas. The most important issue is, if you need to get out of the state or country for business or vacation, the city has also an international airport.

What to look for a comfortable accommodation in apartments?

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What matters more for a comfortable accommodation is the suitable surrounding, best features apartments and well equipped city with all the facilities and luxuries that have ability to fulfill needs, wants and desires at the same time. Looking for the North Dallas Apartments should not make anyone to take his time for thinking a lot about surrounding. Obviously the reason lies in the fact that Dallas in Texas State of America is a place that contains more shopping malls in any other state of America, bigger bronze statues, eateries, cultural centers, convention centers, business centers and many more that are desired by a person for comfortable living.

The city is an economic hub for many of the State of Texas, Being a home to many universities the city remains filled with enthusiasts’ students’ youth and people from all walks of the life. The best thing is that it is a home to many major business and trade centers and companies. This also provides a great opportunity for job to the outsiders. One not only avails the opportunity to get reasonable jobs but also meets potential investors who are ready to put their money in new businesses and contribute to make the economic conditions better off.

When it comes to the North then area becomes more suitable as it is very attractive, natural and equipped with the beautiful natural parks. The foremost priority of an outsider who wants to make a permanent or temporary residence in the city, no matters he is a business man, tourist, retired person or want to get accommodated in the area is the cheap rates of the apartments. Here in Dallas the best thing is that Real State Business is at its peak, the marketers find no other solution than cutting off the prices in order to surpass their competitors, So there are chances that a person is more likely able to get well equipped apartment in highly affordable price.

Next most desirable thing is the features of the apartments that include structure, architecture, design and facilities in the buildings. Businesses operate more comfortably in a locality that ensures maximum security. Dallas is credited as being an economic hub as it ensures the security of investors, traders, tourists and residents. Same is true with residential colonies and apartments. These houses range from a versatile building style come up with single double or triple rooms. Houses with double story are also available, with terraces that provide a fine view of the crowded and young city famous for its thrilling nightlife.

All the apartments are pet friendly and help the owner in maintaining a proper lifestyle of his pet. Houses come up with double grounds; few have playing fields as well.  Twenty four hours emergency services are available. Houses have laundry and washing facilities as well. They have central heating and cooling systems. Mostly are equipped with heating swimming pools as well. City is contains golf clubs and city houses and clubs that can be reserved at any times.